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Posted on November 20, 2017 by Laura Lucky

If you’re like many North Scottsdale residents, you may find that your home – whether it’s your primary residence, or a vacation home – is just more than you need. Downsizing to a smaller home can free you from the costs and commitment of maintaining a large property. Scaling back can be an attractive alternative – particularly if you’re longing to spend more time on leisure activities, something our North Scottsdale area offers in abundance!

If you’re considering making the move, let’s talk about your options and strategy. For many, the desire to downsize is in respect to the size of the home, but not necessarily the appointments and amenities. We have intimate knowledge of the best properties in the area that offer a more manageable size but with upscale features. North Scottsdale has a selection of high-end villas, smaller single-family properties and easy-care townhomes that may offer what you’d like in a residence. With an abundance of golf course living and country club lifestyle options, you don’t need to sacrifice living in a beautiful, resort-style property by downsizing.

You’ll have some options on purchasing your new home. An all-cash offer certainly gives you great leverage when making your purchase offer. Yet, don’t discount financing with a mortgage. Paying cash for your next home isn’t necessarily your best option if the rate of return you can earn on that money by investing it beats the after-tax cost of a mortgage. Downsizing may allocate more money in your wallet for a larger down payment or for larger monthly payments that will come with a 15-year mortgage if you chose that route. Today, Reverse Mortgages offer an attractive solution for some, and can be worth looking in to. We recommend you meet with your financial advisor and mortgage lender before we make any home offers so that you can have your purchase strategy decided upon and well-defined.

Downsizing is an exciting time in your life! Not for what you’re leaving behind, but for what you’re gaining! We’ve helped hundreds of homeowners move into the next phase of their life. Let’s see what we can do for you! Contact us at 602.321.8415 or

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