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Posted on December 14, 2017 by Laura Lucky

As with fashion, interior design trends tend to reflect the sentiment of our culture. It seems (according to what was recently shown at the “Mecca of interior design,” High Point in North Carolina) that we’re looking to simplify our lives and our spaces. We are craving comfort, peace, and tranquility. Design trends for 2018 seem to not only mirror this mindset, but to softly encourage self-reflection with a nod to the appreciation for the simpler pleasures in life.

Homes and office spaces are being designed with comfort and cocooning in mind. From intimate reading nooks, to small spaces designated for specific tasks; we are seeing rooms configured to feel more warm and snug and to encourage time with family.

There seems to be a simplification of lines in furnishings. Clean lines offer a fresh aesthetic, as do geometric and softly curved angles. Organic materials in furnishings and accessories are BIG, as are handcrafted items and accents. Think rustic (but polished), distressed (yet modern), and warm tones rather than the cool greys that have prevailed for the last several years.

There is a shift away from shiny metals such as chrome and stainless steel that have reached their peak, to warmer metals in matte finishes (brass is in!) And yes, the huge copper craze is now also passé.

Today’s woods are weathered, rustic, white-washed. Organic leather is popular as is natural stone such as granite, marble, even river rock. Upholstery fabrics are also moving towards comfort, with a focus on relaxed and inviting materials. We’re seeing a lot of suedes and velvets, snugly chenilles and fabrics that offer a pleasant tactile experience.

As far as color, beige and brown are back! So, if you hadn’t yet caught up to the grey trend, these warmer neutrals will take center stage in 2018. Color palettes such as caramel, gold and champagne or monochromatic color schemes in beiges and creams are back. While neutral tones are most popular, lively pops of orange and red allow for some color. (Notice they’re still warm tones though?)

What’s out as far as color? The last couple of years we’ve seen a surge in the pretty blush pink, often paired with creams, golds or greys. That soft pink will look dated now, as will the bright jewel-tones that have dominated interior design recently.

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