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Posted on August 26, 2017 by Laura Lucky


Window coverings can either make or break a space. Before anything else, consider the windows themselves, as well as what the role of the window treatment you are going to purchase will play. Understanding such factors will surely make your shopping a lot easier.

Tip #1: Evaluate Your Needs for Privacy

While a sheer curtain may be suitable for a room that is primarily used during daytime, an opaque window treatment is more appropriate in a room that requires more privacy such as your bedroom and the bathroom. If you have a sheer drapery in your room but want greater privacy, you can supplement it with blinds or shades.

Tip #2: Match It to the Interior Style

The decors and overall design of the interiors matter just as well. When choosing a type of window covering, the one you are picking should coordinate with the style and color of the room. If the room is simple, matching its decor with a window treatment that has a simplistic design can work. If you want to try something different, choose a pattered curtain or a drapery in bold color to contrast the room’s simplicity.

Tip #3: Figure out Your Window’s Function

Will you be using it as a natural light source? Purchase seamless non-fussy roller shades or other sheer window treatments that can easily allow natural light to fill the room. Do you regularly open and close the windows for better air circulation? Choose a window covering that is light enough to enable you to open the window breezily.

Tip #4: Know Thy Options

Lastly, find out what various window treatment types are available. Once you understand the uses and benefits of each type, it will be easier for you to assess your dressing needs. Generally, there are five types: panels, shades, cornices, blinds, and shutters. Shades typically add light control and privacy to a room, while cornices or swags offer added features to window coverings. Panels can be made with lightweight or heavy fabric, depending on their purpose. And similar to shades, blinds and shutters provide light control and functional privacy.

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