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Posted on June 16, 2017 by Laura Lucky

Feeling a little dissatisfied with that old backyard swimming pool? Maybe you moved into a house that already had someone else’s idea of a dream pool. Or perhaps you installed the pool years ago when styles and standards were different.

Here are a handful of swimming pool renovation ideas aimed at making an outdated (but still functioning) pool look nicer and operate better with a minimal investment.

1. LED Lighting
If you have simple floodlight or other basic pool lighting, think about upgrading to LED lights. LED lights can be installed below the water or anywhere in the pool area, and come in all different colors. They make it easy to add your own personal sense of style to your poolscape.

2. Pool Resurfacing
If your pool currently has a simple plaster finish, an update could also make your pool look more modern. These days, many people choose aggregate finishes that come in different colors and incorporate stones, shells, or other materials.

3. Waterline Tile
Simply updating waterline tile can give your pool a more contemporary look. Combine it with deck and/or pool resurfacing, and you might think you have a whole new pool.

4. Salt Water System
A major trend in swimming pools is the move toward salt water systems. These systems use salt to create chlorine in the water so you don’t have to add it via traditional methods. Many people report that the water in salt water pools is easier on the skin and eyes.

5. Water Features
Things like waterfalls, scuppers, and sprayers are often pretty easy to add into an existing pool design. Thus, for a (generally) reasonable installation price, you can breathe some life into a lackluster pool area with motion and sound.

6. Automation Systems
Pool technology is continually evolving, and a lot of the newer gadgets can easily be retrofitted to older pools. Some things to consider include robotic cleaners, automatic pool covers, and all-in-one pool automation systems (some of which can be controlled through a smart phone).

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