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Posted on February 15, 2018 by Laura Lucky

There are many moving parts to selling a home. We offer invaluable experience and strategies for listing the home and attracting buyers. Yet once an offer comes in and the home is under contract, there are a number of issues that can come up during the escrow process. One of these is the home inspection that the buyer will have done on the property. It’s at this point that there can be major snags in the negotiation process, or the sale itself, as property conditions may be revealed that are a concern for the buyer. Instead of waiting for the buyer to get a property inspection during the escrow process, completing a home inspection before we even list the property puts the seller in the driver’s seat and can make the listing, escrow, and sale of the home go much more smoothly.


Having the inspection done before we list allows the seller to know exactly what they’re dealing with regarding the condition of the home, and what exactly will need to be repaired. Knowing these things ahead of time can greatly reduce the stress of making repairs. During escrow, there is a limited amount of time to make repairs. Yet making the repairs ahead of time allows the seller plenty of time to compare costs and negotiate prices with contractors. Also, the seller is able to decide what they may not want to repair, which will aid in pricing the home properly when listing and avoid any surprises that could affect the purchase price offer after a contract has been accepted.

Presenting potential buyers with the completed home inspection and any repairs that have been done shows a buyer that the seller has taken the time and effort for due diligence and it allows the buyer to have a higher level of trust in the property. That can help a lot in giving the seller a competitive edge among other properties for sale.

Lastly, not waiting until the escrow process to complete an initial home inspection can lead to a faster close. By proactively making necessary repairs, there is less chance that the home inspection will cause issues with a long negotiation process.

A seller that obtains a pre-listing inspection should encourage the buyer to also do their own inspection to alleviate any liability issues. The seller’s aim is to verify that the property is in good shape. The buyer’s responsibility is to obtain their own inspection report.

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