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Posted on February 15, 2018 by Laura Lucky

No matter what style of home you have –  Old World, contemporary, transitional, modern – ceilings are one of the most underrated features of your interior design scheme. While homeowners may spend money on high-end furnishings, lavish artwork, specialty wall treatments and quality rugs, often the ceilings are forgotten!

“How important is the ceiling? Architects design high-end homes with ceilings as focal points. Domed, coffered, vaulted, exposed beams…all architectural elements specifically designed to create the ‘Wow!’ factor,” says Carmen Benoit, a local decorative wall finisher. “But very few homeowners realize the potential of that canvas. It’s one of the least expensive ways to create the highest impact while adding value to their home. Not only monetary value; but more importantly, emotional value.”

Benoit, the founder and principal of, has been enhancing her clients’ homes for decades. Specializing in wall finishes and textures, fine art murals and fine art commissions; Benoit’s creative ideas and inspirations help homeowners in making their home customized and unique.

“Deciding which rooms to embellish and what to create on the ceiling comes down to determining what feeling you want to evoke in a room. Subdued and calm? Bold and dramatic?” Benoit advises. “This is beyond important on the homeowners’ psyche day-to-day.”

Generally, entryways and powder rooms are the perfect space for a little drama. Think daring colors, big patterns, or statement materials such as crystals, nail heads or glass beading incorporated into the design.

“A soothing, restful design works well in master bedrooms,” say Benoit. “Even just subtleties in texture and shine on a ceiling can go a long way in amplifying a space’s design. A painted finish with the look of linen lends a soft ambiance. Metallic paints and plasters can be used as an unexpected neutral. We can even create some interesting effects by simply combining flat with shiny finishes.”

From delicate scrollwork fanning out from the base of a chandelier, to coffered beams painted with a wood faux finish, to an intricately embellished groined ceiling; the possibilities are literally endless! When it comes to giving your home that finishing touch, we say…set your “sights high”!

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