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Posted on April 12, 2018 by Laura Lucky

Building a guesthouse opens up a world of possibilities for homeowners. With multi-generational living as prevalent as it is today, many homeowners want a private space for aging parents or adult children. Some will use a guesthouse as a studio, workshop, office or entertainment space. Of course, guesthouses are also built with the intention of hosting out-of-town friends and family.

If you’re considering adding a guesthouse, you’ll need to first determine what is allowed by the city, as well as your HOA if you have one.

Ken Madden is the owner and principal of Landmark West Builders, a multiple award-winning custom home and remodeling firm here in the north Valley. “We have a lot of clients that want to add a guesthouse to their property. You’ll need to be aware of any restrictions due to your lot size, available drainage and required setbacks. Some communities won’t allow a detached structure and require that the structure is architecturally contiguous to the main house so that it visually appears as one dwelling.

“Attached guesthouses with separate entrances can still offer privacy for both the homeowners and the guests. And, it allows for better connectivity and shared use of the outdoor social spaces such as the pool or lounge areas,” Madden says.

“Some homeowners prefer to build a guesthouse with a kitchenette and living space that allows for complete cocooning and independence for guests. Others don’t want their guests to isolate themselves and will build a structure with just a bedroom and a bath so that guests can congregate with the residents of the main house,” he continues.

The design and build can take up to nine months. “The build itself may only take 30 days,” Madden remarks, “with the majority of that time in the approval and permitting stages.”

Costs for building a guesthouse can vary widely from $150-$450 per square foot, depending on many factors including the site prep, amenities and desired finishes.

“The addition of a guesthouse can really improve a property, as well as the homeowners’ lifestyle. They’re a popular request,” says Madden.

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