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Posted on May 16, 2018 by Laura Lucky

Just about all of us could benefit from better sleeping. Whether you have trouble winding down for sleep or are prone to waking through the night, perhaps some changes in your bedroom will help improve your slumber from “so-so” to “so splendid.”

CHOOSE SERENITY – Calming colors for your walls and bedding really do go a long way in setting the mood for sleep. Pastel shades of blues and greens, lavenders or muted grays are a nice choice. Cool colors have been proven to help lower blood pressure and heart rate while inducing a relaxed state-of-mind.

Along those lines of rest and relaxation, surround yourself with soothing aromatherapy notes such as lavender, vanilla or ylang ylang. Spritzing your pillow with a sleep-inducing spray or putting a drop of oil on your light bulb as you settle in to read before sleep can calm and ease frayed nerves.

COZY UP – Nestling into a comfortable bed is crucial for the best sleep. If your mattress isn’t as comfortable as you’d like, take the plunge and invest in the best mattress you can afford. It will be money well spent. The same goes for your pillow. Keep trying different materials, lofts and firmness until you find the perfect one. For bedding, choose fabrics that are soft and pleasant to the touch such as silks or high-thread-count cotton.

DELETE & DECLUTTER – As you settle into bed at night, what is in your line of sight? Your laptop? Unpaid bills? Discarded clothes on the floor? Your bag of dry cleaning to be dropped off tomorrow? Get it all out of the bedroom. Your bedroom is your respite from the rest of your busy life, so don’t allow anything in your bedroom that doesn’t make you feel happy. Instead, strive to fill your space with beautiful artwork, eye-pleasing furnishings and cherished mementos that help you recall joyful experiences you’ve had.

GO AU NATUREL – We’re talking about plants here, not your sleepwear choice! That’s right, plants in the bedroom are excellent at purifying the air of toxic compounds and indoor pollutants. Not only do they absorb harmful chemicals, they emit fresh oxygen, making your air quality better for sleeping. One great choice is the aloe vera plant which produces its oxygen at night – just when you need it!

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