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Posted on July 9, 2018 by Laura Lucky

Adapted from: Creative Kitchen Upgrades by Katie Carlson | Source:

My guess is you spend a considerable amount of time in or around your kitchen on a daily basis. Whether you’re cooking, cleaning or rearranging, it’s a room that requires your attention. Your kitchen is so powerful it can even change your mood. If you’ve had the urge to upgrade, personalize or modernize it, here are some creative kitchen upgrades that’ll have you falling back in love with the most essential room in your home.

Spruce Up Cabinets with Glass Door Inserts
Cabinet refacing is a brilliant way to transform your kitchen’s look without going to the trouble and considerable expense of a complete renovation. I like the idea of installing glass door inserts to add an element of surprise to your kitchen. There are plenty of possibilities besides plain clear glass including etched, fluted, crackled and colored or patterned glass. Don’t be afraid to show off your new cabinets with a little interior cabinet lighting.

Paint Wood Floors
You won’t believe the way a fresh coat of paint can bring your kitchen’s wood floors to life. Get creative and let painted wood floors help you achieve a rustic charm or colorful kitchen. It’s also a practical way to hide old, outdated flooring without having to spend the money installing new hardwood floors.

Alternatively, give a plain wood floor oodles of rustic charm with a simple design of stained or painted diamonds. For the former, you’ll need to sand down to bare wood and use two contrasting stain colors. Disguise worn wood planks and enliven the look of your kitchen with a coat of enamel in a vibrant color, such as cobalt blue.

Incorporate Multi-Light Pendant Fixtures
Replacing, layering and enhancing your kitchen lighting is an excellent way to rapidly make creative upgrades. Multi-light pendant fixtures are the new thing entering kitchens everywhere. They can illuminate the room with sophisticated style.

Your kitchen is a significant part of your home life, so it deserves some simple changes that could go a long way to improve and enrich the space. You, your loved ones and guests are sure to cherish the outcome.

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