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Posted on June 10, 2019 by Laura Lucky

Finding the time and motivation to work out can be tough enough as it is. So, creating a gym in your home might be just the push you need to set up a regular workout routine. After all, it’s just steps away from anywhere in your house! Take these tips into consideration to create a gym that will really get your blood pumping!

  1. Choose the Right Space
    Select a room in your home where you can really spread out. Cramped rooms will cramp your motivation. If your room options aren’t as large as you’d like, consider the workout equipment you’d put in it. Even a 10-by-10 area could work as long as you don’t fill it with bulky equipment. Another tip? Don’t work out in a room with shelves. They tend to look cluttered and can distract you from your workout. Further, never choose a place within your bedroom, as that room should be associated with sleep and intimacy only.
  2. Light and Bright
    You want your workout room to feel clean, clear, spacious and energetic. Start with a fresh coat of paint but choose your hue carefully. Warm colors tend to evoke feelings of cocooning or relaxation. Instead, consider painting it bright white. You’ll find that white will have the biggest impact on your mood, and thus, your energy level and motivation for exercise. As for lighting, LED bulbs are a must over traditional incandescents, since they don’t give off as much heat. As with paint, when you’re shopping for bulbs you also want to choose brighter rather than warmer such as 3,200- to 5,000-kelvin bulbs.
  3. Music, the Great Motivator
    As you know, music can make or break your motivation for working out. If your room isn’t hardwired for sound, be sure to bring in a remote speaker with enough decibels to help you get your fitness routine done.
  4. What You See is What You Get
    Commercial gyms have full-length mirrors for a reason. By watching yourself exercise, you can monitor your form which can reduce the risk of injury. Mirrors are also a way to motivate yourself. You can see your progress being made right before your eyes! Floor-to-ceiling mirrors that span an entire wall are ideal, but if that’s not possible, have a mirror large enough so that you can see your entire body while exercising.

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