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Posted on December 12, 2019 by Laura Lucky

It’s the New Year and many of us have thoughts of fresh, clean, new beginnings on our minds. While you’re working on your health, fitness, career or relationship resolutions, how about making some simple changes that can provide a healthier environment in your home? Here, we present some stress-free solutions you can implement right away.

Shoes Be Banned
If you’ve ever been one to roll your eyes at your friends that don’t allow shoes in the house, maybe they’re not so wacky after all! The germs, grime, dirt, chemicals, pesticides, and overall “yuck” you’ve got on the bottom of your shoes are the last things you want circulating all over your home. If you don’t want to leave them outdoors, at least provide a bin to place them in when you walk in the door.

Greens to the Rescue
Use the power of plants to clean your indoor air. Plants can aid in the removal of pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, trichloroethylene, and carbon monoxide. Some of the top “air purifiers” are English Ivy, Gerbera Daisy, Chinese Evergreen and the Spider Plant.

Get Picky with Your Flame
Most of us love the smell of a richly scented candle wafting through the house but be sure the candle you’re burning is made of “clean” wax rather than chemical-laden paraffin. Heating paraffin candles releases toxins such as toluene and benzene into the air. That’s not what you had in mind for your home, is it? Try soy wax or beeswax instead.

Simple is Best
The smell of Lysol, Febreze, and 409 may signal to your brain that your home is clean, yet in lieu of dirt, now you have a slew of chemicals permeating your home’s surfaces, textiles, and air. A simple Google search will help you find all-natural cleaning solutions instead, using household staples such as vinegar, baking soda, and lemon.

Put a Filter On It
Block allergens, bacteria, and pathogens with a HEPA filter integrated into your vacuum. Install purifying filters in your air handlers to capture dust, allergens, pet dander, mold spores, and plant pollens. Some are enhanced not only with HEPA but with a pre-filter and charcoal layer to further improve air quality. Lastly, install water filtration systems for your kitchen and bath faucets, showerheads, and drinking water to keep harmful chemicals and particulates from permeating your skin or contaminating your food or beverages. Check out Essential Water Systems at for a healthy, whole-house solution.

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