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Posted on August 12, 2019 by Laura Lucky

Our homes are our sanctuary, right? The one place we can relax in, unwind, and refresh ourselves for life’s little challenges. But what if there’s something about your home that is sending your brain signals for stress and anxiety that you may not even be aware of? Here are five common décor problems that can lead to subconscious stress:

Turns out, according to a study by UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives and Families, there’s a scientific link between a cluttered environment and elevated levels of cortisol, our stress hormone. Too much “stuff” in our home is overwhelming, even if we don’t realize it. It causes excessive stimuli for our senses and forces our minds into unnecessary overdrive, distracting us from necessary mental relaxation. Clear the clutter!

Room Flow
Whether or not you subscribe to the ancient practice of feng shui, there truly is a psychological block that occurs if the furniture in your room obstructs your passage through. If you’re constantly stepping around an oddly placed end table, for instance, you might be surprised at the subtle yet very real effect it has on your mood. Rearrange for a better flow.

Oversized Furniture
The same can be said for rooms that have furniture that is too big for its scale. Our minds sense the lack of space and can cause anxiousness in the feeling of being squeezed in or trapped. If buying smaller pieces isn’t an option, then try removing some to create more “room” in your room.

Bad Lighting
Natural light, natural light, natural light! Studies also show that our brains are wired to embrace light and bright environments. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with some artfully arranged mood or task lighting in a room, but chronic levels of low light or even light that is too bright steal your good vibes quickly. Do any of your rooms need more or better-placed lighting?

Paint Colors
We all know how certain colors evoke particular moods. Red is energizing, blue is relaxing, yellow is cheerful and so on. Yet perhaps the mood you’d meant to create with color missed the mark, or your bright white walls now seem too sterile. Consider a hue redo!

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