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Troon Village Annual Sales Report

The data presented provide a broad view of the market. Individual properties are unique.
Don't let analysis paralysis keep you on the sidelines. Consult a Realtor who lives and works in the area.  

Homes sold with representation by   Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty    are highlighted.

  Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty    represented the Buyer and/or Seller for 44.14% of the sales in 2022.

SubdivisionAddressSqFtSold PriceLucky
Ballantrae Ridge25150 N WINDY WALK DR 393,185$1,000,000 Jan 13
Ballantrae Ridge25150 N WINDY WALK DR 443,372$910,000 Jan 14
Ballantrae Ridge25150 N WINDY WALK DR 23,022$1,075,000 Apr 14
Ballantrae Ridge25150 N WINDY WALK DR 572,760$820,000 May 05
Ballantrae Ridge25150 N WINDY WALK DR 373,498$1,050,000 Jun 02
Ballantrae Ridge25150 N WINDY WALK DR 281,781$750,000 Oct 25
Boulder Pass26446 N 111TH WAY 5,201$2,355,000 Feb 08
Boulder Pass26458 N 110TH PL 4,136$1,725,000 Apr 11
Desert Crest 111821 E West Wind DR 3,096$1,105,000 Mar 23
Desert Crest 124808 N 118TH PL 3,218$1,300,000 Jul 15
Desert Crest 224658 N 117TH ST 3,305$1,305,000 Feb 28
Desert Crest 224593 N 117TH ST 3,368$1,175,000SellerMar 16
Desert Crest 311799 E SAND HILLS RD 3,305$1,175,000 Jun 30
Dorado at Troon Village11569 E Desert Holly DR 3,021$1,200,000 Feb 10
Dorado at Troon Village11562 E Juan Tabo RD 3,042$1,300,000 Mar 17
Dorado at Troon Village11564 E DESERT HOLLY DR 3,063$1,259,750 Apr 26
Dorado at Troon Village11563 E CHAMA RD 3,021$1,320,000 May 23
Dorado at Troon Village11506 E DESERT HOLLY DR 3,021$1,300,000 Jul 22
Dorado at Troon Village24667 N 116TH ST 3,042$875,000 Nov 01
Dorado at Troon Village11583 E JUAN TABO RD 2,663$1,150,000 Nov 07
Dorado at Troon Village11594 E CHAMA RD 3,174$975,000SellerNov 14
Four Peaks26459 N 115TH WAY 2,133$880,000 Jan 03
Four Peaks11523 E CHRISTMAS CHOLLA DR 1,743$805,000 Jan 14
Four Peaks26455 N 114TH PL 2,785$1,300,000 Feb 07
Four Peaks11372 E DIAMOND CHOLLA DR 2,785$1,300,000 Mar 15
Four Peaks11447 E Quartz Rock RD 1,743$1,455,000 Mar 28
Four Peaks11544 E QUARTZ ROCK RD 1,615$799,000 Apr 01
Four Peaks11463 E CHRISTMAS CHOLLA DR 1,743$975,000 Apr 26
Four Peaks26376 N 115TH WAY 2,133$1,250,000 May 02
Four Peaks11459 E QUARTZ ROCK RD 1,776$1,125,000SellerMay 18
Four Peaks11584 E COTTONTAIL LN 2,248$1,000,000SellerJun 16
Four Peaks11360 E DIAMOND CHOLLA DR 2,785$1,490,000SellerSep 20
Four Peaks26078 N 115TH WAY 2,248$1,149,000 Sep 21
Four Peaks26499 N 115th ST 1,743$830,000 Oct 27
Four Peaks11336 E DIAMOND CHOLLA DR 2,248$950,000 Nov 18
Glenn Moor10801 E HAPPY VALLEY RD 1198,537$3,700,000 Jan 12
Glenn Moor10801 E HAPPY VALLEY RD 953,883$2,100,000 Jan 28
Glenn Moor10801 E Happy Valley RD 305,151$2,350,000SellerFeb 09
Glenn Moor10801 E HAPPY VALLEY RD 414,042$1,950,000 Apr 08
Glenn Moor10801 E HAPPY VALLEY RD 1133,766$2,380,000 Jun 08
Glenn Moor10801 E HAPPY VALLEY RD 45,371$3,500,000SellerJul 14
Glenn Moor10801 E HAPPY VALLEY RD 628,034$3,490,000 Aug 30
Glenn Moor10801 E HAPPY VALLEY RD 1285,618$3,760,000 Oct 27
Los Pueblos at Troon Ridge11448 E DESERT VISTA RD 4,036$2,525,000 Apr 25
Los Pueblos at Troon Ridge11398 E DESERT VISTA RD 5,775$1,825,000 Apr 29
Los Pueblos at Troon Ridge24282 N 113TH PL 3,512$1,625,000 Nov 02
Los Pueblos at Troon Ridge11434 E JUAN TABO RD 2,960$1,215,000 Nov 30
Los Pueblos at Troon Ridge24325 N 113th PL 4,328$1,550,000 Dec 29
Parcel G & O25228 N 114TH ST 7,764$2,995,000 Jan 06
Parcel G & O11372 E LA JUNTA RD 3,560$1,335,000SellerJan 28
Parcel G & O25121 N 114TH ST 5,627$3,200,000 Feb 10
Parcel G & O11420 E LA JUNTA RD 3,746$2,450,000 Feb 22
Parcel G & O25572 N 113TH WAY 5,593$3,200,000 Apr 29
Parcel G & O25052 N 114TH ST 5,044$3,600,000 May 11
Parcel G & O11488 E CHAMA RD 4,700$2,170,000 Jun 08
Parcel G & O11459 E La Junta RD 5,416$2,675,000 Dec 01
Quail Ridge11045 E TURNBERRY RD 2,378$1,199,000 Jan 18
Quail Ridge11132 E JUAN TABO RD 3,553$1,770,000 Aug 16
Quail Ridge11181 E TURNBERRY RD 3,067$890,000 Nov 01
Quail Ridge24562 N 111TH PL 2,559$1,250,000 Nov 07
Quail Ridge11105 E JUAN TABO RD 3,241$1,720,000SellerDec 15
Quail Ridge11117 E TURNBERRY RD 2,320$1,100,000 Dec 19
Saddleback11524 E DESERT WILLOW DR 1,615$915,000 May 11
Saddleback11596 E DESERT WILLOW DR 2,090$900,000 Jun 30
Saddleback11524 E DESERT WILLOW DR 1,615$835,000 Sep 14
Saguaro Canyon23493 N 119TH WAY 3,437$1,710,000 Mar 22
Saguaro Canyon11923 E PARKVIEW LN 2,960$849,000 Dec 01
Skye Top at Troon25555 N WINDY WALK DR 941,556$600,000 Mar 10
Skye Top at Troon25555 N WINDY WALK DR 241,623$723,000 Apr 29
Skye Top at Troon25555 N WINDY WALK DR 581,865$650,000 Aug 19
Skye Top at Troon25555 N WINDY WALK DR 91,779$505,000 Oct 27
Skye Top at Troon25555 N WINDY WALK DR 842,527$900,000 Nov 28
Troon Fairways25682 N 104TH PL 3,584$1,582,000 Jan 06
Troon Fairways10481 E QUARTZ ROCK RD 5,236$2,037,500SellerJan 27
Troon Fairways25191 N 104TH WAY 3,636$1,700,000Seller & BuyerFeb 15
Troon Fairways26254 N 104TH PL 3,482$1,300,000 Feb 18
Troon Fairways26024 N 104TH WAY 3,802$2,215,000 Feb 19
Troon Fairways26202 N 104TH PL 4,073$1,430,000 Mar 15
Troon Fairways26306 N 104TH PL 3,576$1,300,000 Mar 30
Troon Fairways26348 N 104TH WAY 3,249$1,630,000 Apr 28
Troon Fairways10465 E CANDLEWOOD DR 3,387$1,540,000 Aug 26
Troon Fairways26132 N 104TH WAY 3,661$1,410,000 Sep 19
Troon Fairways25411 N 104TH WAY 4,195$2,200,000 Oct 14
Troon Fairways10481 E Quartz Rock RD 5,236$2,350,000 Nov 23
Troon Fairways25764 N 104TH WAY 4,788$1,815,000SellerDec 27
Troon Ridge Estates 1/211250 E WHISPERING RIDGE WAY 6,926$4,200,000 Jul 18
Troon Ridge Estates 1/211210 E WHISPERING RIDGE WAY 3,562$2,265,000SellerDec 12
Troon Ridge Estates 3/423987 N 112TH PL 4,003$2,099,000 Jan 12
Troon Ridge Estates 3/423955 N 112TH PL 3,352$1,312,899 Mar 18
Troon Ridge Estates 3/424059 N 113TH WAY 7,360$2,750,000SellerApr 15
Troon Ridge Estates 3/411311 E TROON VISTA DR 4,493$2,875,000 Jun 29
Troon Ridge Estates 3/411352 E MARIPOSA GRANDE DR 3,594$1,250,000 Aug 04
Troon Ridge Estates 3/424059 N 113TH WAY 7,360$3,200,000 Sep 15
Troon Ridge Estates 3/423818 N 114th ST 5,045$3,500,000 Oct 24
Tusayan Estates at Troon10989 E TUSAYAN TRL 5,951$3,100,000 Jan 04
Tusayan Estates at Troon10763 E WHISPERING WIND DR 3,127$1,245,000 May 02
Whispering Ridge at Troon Village24350 N WHISPERING RIDGE WAY 392,920$1,570,000 Feb 02
Whispering Ridge at Troon Village24350 N WHISPERING RIDGE WAY 454,062$1,600,000SellerApr 07
Whispering Ridge at Troon Village24350 N WHISPERING RIDGE WAY 202,407$1,015,000 Jun 03
Windy Walk Estates26425 N 107TH WAY 4,012$1,900,000 Jan 11
Windy Walk Estates11108 E TROON MOUNTAIN DR 3,900$1,815,000 Jan 26
Windy Walk Estates26425 N 106TH WAY 3,923$1,525,000 Mar 14
Windy Walk Estates11134 E TROON MOUNTAIN DR 4,279$2,150,000SellerMar 17
Windy Walk Estates26450 N 106TH WAY 5,447$5,500,000 Mar 25
Windy Walk Estates10531 E YEARLING DR 3,773$1,595,000SellerMar 29
Windy Walk Estates10629 E Desert Willow DR 6,075$1,274,000 May 24
Windy Walk Estates25889 N 108TH PL 4,100$2,016,000 Jun 07
Windy Walk Estates10685 E Cottontail LN 4,734$2,200,000 Aug 02
Windy Walk Estates10667 E YEARLING DR 4,154$3,600,000SellerAug 03
Windy Walk Estates25950 N 107TH WAY 3,119$1,500,000 Aug 08
Windy Walk Estates25550 N 106TH WAY 4,001$2,857,500 Nov 11

  Russ Lyon Sotheby's International Realty    represented the Buyer and/or Seller for 44.14% of the sales in 2022.

Based on information from the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (ARMLS) for 2022.
ARMLS is where cooperating brokers share listing information. Excluded from the data above are home sales not found in ARMLS and sales by brokers who choose not to market their listing(s) on the internet.
All information should be verified by the recipient. If you have questions  Contact The Luckys.

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