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Posted on August 31, 2018 by Laura Lucky

Curb Appeal – we’ve all heard of that term before. When potential buyers are touring homes for sale, most automatically dismiss homes that are otherwise structurally sound, priced appropriately and in an excellent location if the home is cluttered, worn or unkept. It’s simply human nature. Research shows that most buyers will decide whether they like your home or not within the first 20-30 seconds. That’s just as they’re walking to the front door! So, take care that your home stands out and looks its best right from the curbside view.

First and foremost, make sure your house numbers are accessible and easy to read. A fresh coat of exterior paint goes a long way in your home’s presentation. If you aren’t able to repaint, a good power wash can help it sparkle. Have all windows (and screens) professionally cleaned. Does the doorbell work and sound pleasant? Does the mailbox need to be replaced? Trim bushes and trees. Rake gravel, plant flowers and make sure all walkways are cleared of debris. Power wash tire marks off the driveway and scrub any hard water stains off exterior surfaces such as flagstone. Put away hoses, gently relocate bird nests and remove any pet waste (even if you don’t have a pet, you must always check that neighborhood dogs haven’t left a deposit).

One of the more expensive (but usually worth it) tips is to completely refinish and restain your wooden front door. It’s amazing the toll that the elements take on a door and there is almost nothing more inviting than a rich, glossy front door to greet potential buyers. Further, consider replacing or simply just polishing the front door hardware and purchase a fresh wreath and a brand-new doormat to top it all off.

Many Valley homes have the garage as a large part of the home’s front view. Often the garage doors take up 30-40% of the street view of the home. So, it goes without saying that the garage doors should be freshly painted, stained or power washed as well. Additionally, you many want to invest in sparkling new coach lights, or at least thoroughly clean the fixtures and the bulbs as well.

A little bit of work ahead of time will make your home’s sale easier. And that’s just the view from the street! Considering selling? We can visit your property and give you more expert tips on making your home “presentation ready.”

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