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Posted on May 25, 2020 by Laura Lucky

With over 80 million U.S. households living with a dog or cat, it’s clear that we Americans love our pets. We’re buying premium food, vitamins & supplements, training devices, grooming services, toys & beds, socialization opportunities, daycare, veterinary, and pet-sitting services to the tune of $72 billion a year, according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA).

With our hearts full and wallets open, it only makes sense that we’d want to incorporate some rooms or amenities in our home just for our fur babies. Here, we highlight some ideas to create a welcoming environment that’s not only dedicated to your pet, but that can also make your life easier as the owner and caregiver.

Dedicated bathing station
Many homeowners love the convenience of a built-in bath and grooming area. Most commonly installed into laundry rooms or mud rooms, these bathing facilities are even sometimes given a room of their own. With a handheld showerhead installed closer to the ground, a large drain to handle pet hair, and an easy access for pets and people, they can also be a good alternative for grooming professionals to make in-home visits.

Pet “parks”
Have some pooches that have plenty of energy to burn? Consider incorporating a play place for them right into your landscaping design. You may want to install maintenance-free artificial turf, multiple levels for climbing, jumping, and running; or even a shallow built-in wading pool to keep your hot dog as cool as a cucumber. For cat owners, an enclosed courtyard or predator-proof cat run can keep your kitty safe while enjoying the great outdoors.

Built-in dining and potty stations
Whether it would go in your kitchen, laundry room, or other space; having an area for your pets built right into your cabinetry configurations can keep the area neat and tidy while keeping your home’s aesthetics intact. You can build an area for pet bowls and even install a water faucet right over the water bowl, install deep drawers to store the bulk pet food, or create a private nook for your kitty’s litter box.

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