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Posted on October 17, 2018 by Laura Lucky

In early 2018, ranked the healthiest and unhealthiest cities in the country. Scottsdale ranked No. 7 out of the 174 cities evaluated in overall health, and No. 1 for fitness! Clearly our residents are doing something right. Perhaps it can be attributed to our fantastic climate that encourages year-round activity, or our multitude of choices when it comes to fitness, body wellness and healthy eating. Read on for some cutting-edge options for staying fit, healthy and feeling good!

Fitness with a Dash of the Unexpected
From jogging to yoga to tennis, the Valley is full of opportunities for a good workout. But if you’re craving something new and innovative to try, we found a handful of interesting workouts to add a little pizzazz into your routine.

Admit it, you’ve always been fascinated by those daring performers in the circus. From the beautiful and graceful high-flying trapeze artists, to the juggling unicycle rider, there’s something about circus performances that make us “ooh” and “ahh.” Scottsdale’s The Circus School of Arizona offers a variety of classes ranging from aerial and ground acrobatics, to clowning, juggling and themed fitness classes. Their aerial silks class combines silks and trapeze to provide a full-body workout where you’ll learn how to wrap, suspend, drop, and spiral your body in the aerial silks. The Circus School also offers a “taster” class with an introduction to various circus skills including tightrope, low wire, rolling globe walking, partner acrobatics and more.

Tap into your inner warrior with a Steel Mace Workout at After It Training in Tempe. This centuries-old tool and weapon used by combatants and wrestlers offers a downright fun way to a full-body workout for both men and women. The uneven weight distribution of the mace and the physics of holding it apart from your body activates your core, grip strength, and shoulders. While this popular class focuses on use of the mace, it will also incorporate other tools such as kettlebells and barbells. Benefit: building up total brute strength while rocking the conqueror vibe!

On the other end of the spectrum, we found a cardio workout that brings out the inner showgirl! Violet Flame Studios in South Scottsdale offers a Burlesque Choreography & Kickline class where participants can walk, bump, and hip roll themselves into great shape. Not only will the sexy dance workout provide fantastic endurance and cardio conditioning, the showgirl high kicks are sure to kick your overall flexibility and fitness into high gear as well!

Looking for the ultimate in resistance training? Try the Bungee Workout at Chandler’s Tough Lotus studio, the first studio in America to offer a gravity-defying bungee class. You’ll work on dance and aerobic moves while strapped to a bungee cord. Sound easy? It’s guaranteed to provide a high-cardio, calorie-burning session that is just plain fun. Classes range from basic to advanced and all boast the benefits of stamina, endurance and overall strength as you bounce yourself around the room, and into great shape.


Restorative Remedies for Optimum Health
If you’re an accomplished athlete looking for ways to boost your performance, or if you’re simply seeking out treatments for overall physical and mental health, we’ve found some holistic therapies that have the whole Valley buzzing.

Often referred to as a “massage for the soul,” reiki is a form of energy healing that purports to aid in healing all sorts of ailments, provide relief from physical or emotional trauma, and has even been used as an alternative therapy for diseases such as cancer and kidney failure. Energy healing is based upon the fundamental premise that our life force (our thoughts, emotions and beliefs) are made up of energy. Known as qi in Chinese medicine and chakras in the Hindu culture; when we experience a physical ailment or emotional trauma, the energy flowing within our body becomes disrupted. Reiki is a modality in which a practitioner hovers their hands over parts of the body that need healing. Many people feel a state of peace and relaxation from the therapy. Others report a pleasant buzzing or tingling sensation. Results can vary for each client. Soul to Soul in Scottsdale offers a variety of services including a Reiki Massage which combines therapeutic or relaxing massage with the added benefits of reiki and chakra balancing. It not only rehabilitates muscles, tendons and ligaments, but it can lower blood pressure, re-balance the adrenals and calm a stressed mind.

Ever considered exposing your body to extreme freezing temps, all in the name of good health? Cryotherapy, which is any treatment that involves the use of freezing temperatures, has taken the health world by storm in the last several years. WBC, or whole-body cryotherapy involves immersing your entire body into a chamber of dry, fresh, oxygenated air set at approximately -170 degrees for two to four minutes. The theory behind cryotherapy is that it can promote faster healing of athletic injuries, and ease pain from muscle disorders and arthritis. The extreme cold has also been reported to reduce damaging inflammation in our bodies that can increase the risk of health problems such as cancer, diabetes, dementia, even depression. Some users swear by its benefits, reporting a boost in energy and mental clarity immediately following the session. US Cryotherapy in North Scottsdale offers a variety of cryo treatments including whole-body, localized, and facial rejuvenation sessions.

You may recall the sensory deprivation tanks that an American neuroscientist created in the 1950s, as an experiment to see what would happen if our minds could become void of all external stimuli. Fast forward to our extreme on-the-go society of today and there’s no wonder that this sensory deprivation, or float therapy, has gained a huge resurgence. True Rest Float Spa in Scottsdale offers this float therapy which is comprised of entering a lightproof and soundproof pod with approximately 11 inches of body-temperature water and over 1,000 pounds of dissolved Epsom salt. Lying in a 30% salt solution enables anyone to float effortlessly on top of the water. As there are no pressure points on the body, the spine elongates, weight and tension drop, and the body undergoes a regeneration process similar to that of deep sleep. The stated physical benefits are many, including increased blood circulation, pain management, deep relaxation, more restful sleep and increased immune system functioning. Some use float therapy to manage symptoms of fibromyalgia, PTSD, anxiety and depression. Putting yourself in a low-gravity, totally silent and pitch-black environment allows our sensory-overloaded brains to calm and release positive neurochemicals that can aid in stress reduction and boost creativity.


Wholesome Nourishment to Fuel Good Health
Mom always said, “You are what you eat.” Indeed, everything that we ingest into our bodies becomes a composite of how we look and how we feel. For those of us searching for help with nutritional choices or a specific diet to accomplish such things as weight loss, disease prevention or athletic endeavors, the Valley is home to many practitioners and services to set us on the right path.

How often do you think about your gut microbiome? Did you know that 87% of chronic disease in the U.S., including rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, asthma, migraines, adrenal fatigue and insulin resistance, manifests in the gut and inflammation is the root of the condition? Registered Dietician Karen Graham’s Smart Nutrition practice in Scottsdale offers assistance with food sensitivity testing, micronutrient testing and comprehensive customized nutrition planning. You’ll start with a New Patient Workshop which includes two hours of instruction on gastrointestinal conditions and the microbiome and an on-site phlebotomist to take a blood draw for testing.

Today’s environment is rife with body-damaging toxins. Of course, our bodies were cleverly designed with an internal detoxification process; however, many of us have bodies and systems that are simply overloaded due to the excess pollution and other environmental conditions we live in. Enter the full-body cleanse at Get Well Scottsdale. This holistic approach helps to purge the toxic matter that accumulates in our tissues and organs to keep our bodies functioning at their best. A full-body cleanse can not only help you to feel more energized with increased vitality, it can help with mental clarity, weight loss, stress levels and bolstering your immune system. They even offer a group cleanse option for those seeking a support system throughout the cleansing process.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the “miracle” hangover cure – an IV vitamin drip for those suffering from too much of a good time. Well, IV vitamin drip therapy isn’t just for post-partiers. Health enthusiasts sing its praises for giving the body a concentrated boost of whatever it may be lacking. The Drip Room in Scottsdale offers a welcoming vitamin bar where clients can walk on in and choose from a menu of vitamin cocktails such as formulations for anti-aging, immunity, weight loss or energy. Additionally, clients can choose a booster such as biotin for skin, hair and nails or NAD for memory, focus or endurance. Once your drip concoction is chosen, it’s time to relax in a massage chair while a licensed nurse starts your 30-minute IV infusion.

Medical disclaimer: All content created here is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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