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Posted on January 10, 2020 by Laura Lucky

The house we live in is just a building, not a living, breathing thing. It can’t return our affection like another human being can. Our homes don’t love us, nor do they admire or respect us. Yet why do we have such a strong emotional connection to our homes?

The psychology of “home” is fascinating. Neuroscientists Duncan Banks and Tony Steffert released a study showing that the emotional connection we have with our home is as strong as the connection we feel towards our friends and our pets.

In the study, participants had their heart rate monitored and their brain activity measured. The study found that when presented with phrases or topics relating to home, the participants responded in similar ways as when presented with concepts of friendship and their pets. Heart rates jumped up and the EEG monitor showed as strong a positive emotional response with all three topics.

Our homes represent so much to us. From our social and economic standings to a reflection of how we perceive ourselves and our place in the world. Whether or not we realize it, as we define “home,” we also define ourselves in relation to it.

Our home is our sanctuary. It’s a shelter from the elements of course, but what it really serves as is a mental escape and respite from the world around us. It’s where we can retreat, recharge, and reconnect with ourselves.

One of the main reasons that we feel such an emotional connection to our homes is the fact that it is where life happens. We experience joy and sadness. We raise families and we connect with others. It’s where relationships develop. It is a gathering place. Home is where we laugh, cry, argue, and hug. Home helps us to stay rooted in our past and present, and provides a glimpse into our future. As proud “purveyors of home,” we are passionate about assisting our clients in this most significant aspect of their lives.

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