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Posted on January 10, 2020 by Laura Lucky

Have you ever walked into a space – whether it’s someone else’s home or even a hotel or restaurant – where you felt instantly comfortable? Sometimes we can’t quite put our finger on why it feels “right,” yet our subconscious senses contentment and relaxation. If you want to feel the same way in your home, and for guests to feel welcomed, read on for some simple ways to make your home engaging and inviting.

First Impressions
Your front yard, walking path, and front door are often the first things people see. Take care that your landscaping is cared for, the area is clean of any dirt or debris, and that the front door is well-maintained – be it a fresh coat of paint or polished hardware. Consider a brand-new welcome mat, a cheerful wreath, and welcoming accents such as comfortable seating or colorful planters.

Let There Be Light
It’s amazing what a difference the right lighting can make on how we perceive a space. Dark, shadowy rooms aren’t as inviting as light, airy rooms. Natural light is king, but also be mindful of how strategically placed lighting can make a space incredibly appealing. Want to know another easy tip? Mirrors help that beautiful light bounce around the room and their reflective nature makes rooms appear larger and less cramped.

Comfort First
To truly relax, your furnishings and textiles must be comfortable. From couches, patio furniture, dining chairs and the like, ensure that all of your furnishings are actually comfortable. Avoid spaces that are overly formal or genuine relaxation will be difficult. Make sure your guests have an area to set down their drinks as it invites them to stay awhile. Lastly, keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Cater to the Senses
Sights, sounds, and smells have a huge impact on how inviting your home is. Whether it’s just you and your family relaxing or you’re entertaining guests, the mental chaos that a cluttered home causes is terribly detrimental to feelings of well-being so remove clutter on a daily basis. A pleasantly scented candle is proven to boost our mood and relaxing sounds such as music or flowing water can help our minds feel pleasure and serenity.

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