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Posted on October 13, 2019 by Laura Lucky

Arizona is undeniably a dream state for retirees – it’s warm, dry and boasts year-round sunshine without any of the mugginess or rain that comes with living in Florida. In particular, Scottsdale is one of the top places for seniors looking to enjoy their retirement and relax to the fullest.

This Phoenix suburb is an extremely popular choice for retirees – especially among retirees from the North looking to escape harsh winters. According to the U.S. Census, 45% of the population in Scottsdale is older than 50 – with 15% falling between the ages of 60 and 69 and 10% falling between 70 and 79 years of age.

This high number of seniors can’t be wrong about Scottsdale – but if you’re still not convinced, below you’ll find just a few of the many reasons why Scottsdale is a dream location for retirees:

Retirees in Scottsdale Have Activities Right at Their Doorstep

One of the best parts about retirement is the additional time you have on your hands to spend doing the things you enjoy. With this in mind, it’s important for you to choose a city that has everything you need in terms of entertainment and activities – and Scottsdale has no shortage of either of those things.

Scottsdale offers an amazing blend of arts, culture, shopping and nightlife. There is an amazing selection of restaurants – most with outdoor seating so you can enjoy your glass of wine while taking in the fresh air.

Retirees who want to remain active during their Golden Years will find that Scottsdale is an outdoor paradise. There are more than 30 public parks in the city, and the McDowell Sonoran Preserve offers more than 100 miles of scenic hiking, biking and horse trails. Also, if tee time is your thing, you’ll be happy to hear Scottsdale is home to several dozen world-renowned golf courses. With just about every day being a sunny day, you can play a round almost any time you want.

Scottsdale is Affordable for Retirees

Scottsdale is, by most accounts, a very affordable place for retirees to settle down. If you’re concerned about property taxes they’re lower than the national average – falling between .87% to 1.5% of a given house’s market value. Your real estate agent can help you figure out how much in taxes you can expect to pay for the homes you’re looking at.

Scottsdale is also a perfect choice for seniors who want their retirement income to stretch as far as possible. Consumer finance resource SmartAsset labels Arizona as “tax-friendly” for retirees. Social Security benefits are free from taxation, so more of your income can stay in your pocket for you to spend on things you want and need. As a bonus, groceries are exempt from the Arizona sales tax, which can produce major annual savings for retirees.

Scottsdale Has Many Different Senior Living Options

Not every retiree sees themselves buying a new home for their Golden Years, and if you fall within this camp, you’ll be happy to hear Scottsdale is home to a variety of different senior living options for you to choose from.

One option is to move into a retirement community. A retirement community, also referred to as a “55-plus” or “active adult” community, is a real estate development constructed with the wants and needs of retirees in mind. This option is great for seniors who want to own property but would prefer to avoid dealing with the burdensome responsibilities that come with homeownership – namely, roofing issues, landscaping and general exterior maintenance. In Scottsdale, you can expect many of these communities to have pools, fitness centers and organized social activities to help you live life to the fullest and make new friends.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, while you may feel fully mobile and healthy now, the aging process inevitably changes the degree to which you can stay independent. If you think you may develop complex health needs or have concerns that your mobility may become limited, you may want to consider moving into an assisted living facility. Assisted living facilities have staff members that assist with essential activities of daily living such as managing medications, or keeping up with general housework. There are more than 50 top-rated communities in Scottsdale and its surrounding neighborhoods.

If you’re ready to begin your house hunting journey in Scottsdale, give Lisa Lucky a call today! Don’t fly blind – we’re here to help you navigate the ins and outs of finding your dream home for retirement.  

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