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Posted on December 20, 2018 by Laura Lucky

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Don’t you just love this time of the year? Where mild, sunny days give way to clear, star-filled chilly nights? And there’s nothing like gathering around a glowing fire pit with a hot beverage in hand and a cozy lap blanket. If you’re looking for ideas to make your fire pit even more enjoyable, read on for some suggestions to, shall we say, “add fuel to your fire”!

Fire Glass
Reflective fire glass comes in all colors, shapes and sizes and makes a beautiful statement. Not only does it camouflage the burner, giving the illusion of flames magically dancing on the surface of the glass, light is always sparkling off of the glass, even in daylight. It gives a sleek, modern look for contemporary décor, and even works as a luxurious focal point for a more rustically designed pit.

Flame Ornaments
That’s right, you can purchase interesting, sculptural embellishments to place atop the pit to accent the flames and give your fire pit that extra punch of “wow.” Go for glamour, go for charming, or go for daring – there are so many choices.

Wind Guards
Especially useful for tabletop fire pits, these tempered-glass structures will tame your flame and give consistent heat around the pit, even in the strongest winds. No more cries of alarm when the flames blow sideways and torch your glass of chardonnay!

Long Fire Troughs
Although the typical fire pit is round in shape, more and more homeowners are converting to a long, rectangular trough. The look is on-trend and is a better way to make space for more people to gather. Some are constructed with built-in bench seating all around to really maximize sitting room.

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