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Posted on October 11, 2019 by Laura Lucky

Setting a beautiful table for your Thanksgiving guests doesn’t have to be intimidating. Sometimes, it’s all in the simplicity of basic design principles partnered with unexpected special touches that are the most impressive. Read on for some new ideas on freshening up your table décor this year.

  1. Layer It On
    Each individual setting will look professionally designed when you incorporate layers of varying materials and textures. Start with a placemat, then layer on a charger, the dinner plate, and a cloth napkin. On top of the napkin add a small accent plate such as a dessert plate and place a festive favor on top for your guests to take home.
  2. Repurpose
    Sometimes the most inspired tables are created with materials you have on hand. Use a plaid flannel throw as an accent over your tablecloth or make a centerpiece using branches and foliage from your yard. You can even use vintage juice glasses as candle votives. Use your imagination!
  3. Delight the Senses
    There is something so incredibly comforting about traditional fall scents. The rich aromas we’ve come to associate with the season can add another layer to your tablescape. Try using clove-studded oranges or cored apples filled with cinnamon sticks as part of your centerpiece.
  4. Keep it On the Down-Low
    Go ahead and create a beautifully dramatic centerpiece, just be cognizant of its height on the table. There’s truly nothing more annoying than a centerpiece that obstructs the views and blocks conversation among the diners. Instead, create layers of height by mixing short votives with mid-height florals and other low-profile design elements.
  5. Choose & Repeat
    Decide what style of table design you’ll have. Rustic farmhouse? Natural elements? Glittery and elegant? Then stick to the theme and repeat your concepts. For instance, you may choose to use burlap fabric in ribbon accents, for a placemat, and as part of the centerpiece design.
  6. Organic Elegance
    With the harvest season in mind, it’s the perfect time of year to highlight nature’s bounty. Try using nature-inspired place cards for your guests such as mini pumpkins or dried corn cobs adorned with a name tag. Write your guests’ names in pretty script with a metallic marker on an actual dried leaf or use rosemary and thyme sprigs bundled with ribbon and topped with their name written on rustic wood.

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