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Posted on July 21, 2020 by Laura Lucky

Looking for a way to up your outdoor game and bring in a little “wow” factor? If your front yard, backyard, or courtyard don’t elicit any “oohs” and “aahs,” perhaps it’s time incorporate a few powerful ways to give your areas a punch of glamour.

Bring the Indoors Out
If your interiors are beautifully designed but your patio furniture is worn and tired or simply uninspiring, refresh your spaces with the same appointments and levels of luxury you have on the inside. No matter if your space is simply a bistro table or it’s a fully designed lounge area or extensive outdoor kitchen, make your outdoor areas “pop” with beautifully woven rugs, lush throw pillows, eye-catching accessories, and artwork. Don’t forget the power of lighting. Set the mood for romance, celebration, or even subdued elegance.

Fire Features
No doubt, fire in itself adds an element of drama. Use this natural attention-getter in a variety of ways throughout your yards. From a simple yet cozy fire pit or fire bowl to gathering tables with a contained fire in the middle to stunning displays of fire and water in the pool or in a showpiece fountain, you can take your spaces from so-so to stunning!

Pools with Panache
Today’s trend in pools tends to be those linear in form with modern geometric shapes and elements. Rather than the PebbleTec-finished, kidney-shaped pools so popular decades ago, these fresh pool designs integrate architectural details and beautiful finishes. Pools today are dressed up with sparkling glass tiles and crushed quartz materials that reflect light, and multi-hued LED lighting that can be changed to different colors to give the entire pool different moods at the push of a button.

Lush Landscaping
Perhaps it’s time for a licensed landscape architect to create a seamless, aesthetically pleasing design with plants, softscape and hardscape elements created to bring the whole outdoor area together with a thoughtful, fluid design. Often, it’s the expertise of these designers that take a space from simply beautiful, to full-on jaw dropping.

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