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Posted on September 17, 2019 by Laura Lucky

“Cozy up with what?” you may question. Cwtch, a Welsh term pronounced “kutch” and rhyming with “butch,” is not only a beautiful sentiment within the Welsh language, it’s also becoming known as a popular design trend for homes.

Although there’s not a direct translation in the English language for the endearing Welsh term, its closest equivalent may be translated as a meaningful hug filled with emotion, snuggling, loving, protecting and cherishing, or it can be used to connote a hiding place, a cubbyhole or a “safe place.” No matter in which context the word is used, cwtch is a term that’s associated with comfort.

In your home, the tenants of cwtch décor inspire a comfortable, soothing environment – you know, a place in which you can nestle in and feel “cuddled.”

Think lots of gentle textures, soft colors, plush environments and private, intimate little spaces. The idea is to decorate your home in a way that gives you feelings of contentment and well-being. The goal is to allow you to take time to appreciate the simple things in life by surrounding yourself with comfort and solace in your home.

As you can imagine, cwtch décor is abundant in soft, nubby fabrics, candles, fireplaces, chunky blankets, plush pillows, wool, cashmere, velvet and faux fur. Dimmed lighting, aromatic smells that may remind you of your childhood, and photos of loved ones on display all help to set the stage for a cwtch space. You may find soft, woven rugs underfoot bring another layer of warmth while having sentimental items or treasured trinkets on display encourage feelings of safety and security.

If you aren’t prepared to adopt the trend throughout your entire home, perhaps creating an intimate space in an inviting nook of your home is all you need as your place to escape and self-soothe.

With fall and winter approaching, this warm and fuzzy design trend is sure to “give you the feels.” Now go get your super-plush socks, your favorite time-worn book, and a big mug of steaming something and prepare to cwtch in style!

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