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Posted on November 16, 2018 by Laura Lucky

If your household is like many others this time of year, you will be entertaining out-of-town visitors in the weeks and months to come and you’ll want to make your home comfortable and inviting for their stay.

Most houseguests want to feel that they are not imposing too much on their hosts. Ease their anxieties by outfitting their quarters with as many conveniences and niceties as necessary so that they have everything they could need at their fingertips. Not having to constantly ask their host for things makes for a better visit for your guests as well as for you.

Start with a private area or room where guests can retreat to. In addition to the bed linens that dress the bed, supply your guests with other options in pillows, duvets or blankets. That way they can choose from among soft or firm and lightweight or heavyweight bedding to suit their preferences.

One of the signs of a great host is your anticipation of their every need. In case they forgot to bring some items from home, have basic toiletries at the ready. A basket of mini sundries placed thoughtfully on the bathroom counter just might be a lifesaver!

When most of us travel, we make our best efforts to condense our packing. Often bulky robes and slippers, while a must at home, don’t make the cut! So be sure to provide both to your guests – they are sure to be grateful. A nice touch would be to have both robes and matching slippers embroidered with a clever design such as “Hotel Smith.” It’s sure to be a conversation piece as guests can anticipate your comfy robes on each visit!

If your space permits, a comfortable seating area will really allow your guests to relax and “cocoon” in their room. A supply of books on area sightseeing, history and urban legends can give your guests a dose of our community’s flavor.

Many of our Arizona visitors aren’t aware of the need to stay hydrated, no matter what time of year.  Bottles of water aren’t just a detail, but a necessity!  Include too, some other refreshments for them to snack on. Some guests would feel uncomfortable foraging around your kitchen when hungry, so supply them with fruit, granola bars, maybe even a bit of chocolate!  In fact, why not offer a basket of some of our locally made products, such as Goldwater’s salsas, Fairytale Brownies, Queen Creek Olive Mill olives, or LDV wine. No doubt, your guests will have fond memories of their stay for years to come!

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