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Posted on April 22, 2019 by Laura Lucky

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Wallpaper has made a huge comeback in the last few years and has essentially made painted accent walls irrelevant in the design industry. Now it’s all about incorporating texture in clean and sleek ways and wallpaper does just that.

Florals have made a huge comeback in a much more sophisticated way. In the image here, we see a featured accent wall with a wallpaper mural that is both calming and serene. Not only does it add an element of visual interest, but it also adds a focal point in the space. We are also seeing florals in bathrooms, baby girls’ nurseries, laundry rooms and more.

Back by popular demand is geometric wallpaper featuring modern, clean lines that offer dimension and style in any home. We love a great geometric wallpaper because it adds so much visual interest into a space without overpowering the space as a whole. Great ways to use this wallpaper are in bedrooms, entryways, and even bookshelves. Another neat idea is to use this on your ceiling. I would recommend choosing a wallpaper that is simpler in form with very clean lines.

Bold metallics are a fun way to add a pop of glam to any space and the possibilities are endless! Doing this adds a luxury element in your home at minimal cost and looks best when featured as an accent wall. When it comes to metallics, less is more. Silvers look best for modern and contemporary styles, and golds look great with any vintage, art deco or even Hollywood regency style.

Textured wallpapers offer an affordable way to get a certain look without all the construction costs. One of the most popular textured wallpapers we often see in restaurants and modern farmhouse styles is brick. In addition, we see textures such as grasscloth to create a contemporary look and feel in the home.

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